Bemis Flip Toilet Potty Seat (Product Review)

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Potty training can be a tricky and sometimes difficult time in both a parents and a child's life. There are tons of different "experts" out there who are quick to tell you the best way to potty train your child.

From techniques to special potties all of this information can be overwhelming and hard to sort through. While I was starting to potty train my oldest child I personally felt besieged by the tremendous amount of information and advice out there.

I don't claim to be an expert but having successfully potty trained one child I can tell you what worked for my son and I, and truthfully it boiled down to consistency and using the regular toilet in our bathroom.

I tried so many different things when we first started potty training my son, the number of products is staggering! We tried using his own little potty that sang and lit up and it wasn't very successful.

Another method we tried was the removable toddler seat for on our adult toilet, this again presented with problems mainly that it wasn't extremely secure which made me and especially my son very uncomfortable.

We next went for the simple approach that being to have him use the regular toilet seat which worked to some extent. We and so many other parents we know needed a better alternative and that can be found in the Bemis 1583 elongated flip toilet potty seat.


Things We Like:​

The Bemis  has such a smart design; it is literally an all in one. The Bemis  is a toilet seat with a built in toddler seat which is amazing in my personal opinion. No more removable toddler seats or singing potties cluttering up the bathroom.

The best part is how comfortably a child is able to use the adult toilet. The seat does not have a special cutout for the toddler seat so it looks just like a regular seat.

The whisper close feature is a very nice touch and works with the lid and adult seat. The toddler seat doesn't have a whisper close feature which I believe to be a good thing; accidents would be more prevalent if a toddler had to wait for the seat to slowly come down.

Another great feature is that you are able to easily remove the toddler seat when potty training is complete and you will be left with a nice looking seat for your toilet. T

he 1583 has another great feature for boys which is a subtle lip to guard against any possible spray issues, there is also another lip between the toddler and adult seats which will keep your toilet safe from any leaks between the seats.

Installation of the Bemis  seat is also incredibly fast and easy which is a win win for busy parents.


In short the Bemis 1583 elongated flip toilet potty seat is an all in one seat which eliminates the need for bulky potties and removable toddler seats and you are able to quickly flip down the toddler seat for potty emergencies.

The toddler seat and has specially designed clean features and the seat can be used after potty training is through. Most importantly the 1583 seat is quickly and easily installed onto any toilet.

The features of this seat are perfect for any parent who is potty training and is well worth the money.

Jasmine Roberts

The magical age is between 0-5 Years. Babies depend on the parents totally at this stage of their life. What more can a person find more fascinating that being responsible for another person, even when the person can't tell you what they want. Happy Parenting!

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