Best Potty Seat (For Boys, Girls & Toddlers) In 2017

This is an ultimate guide on choosing the best potty seat (seat reducers) and potty chair for your kids.

The end goal is very simple; to enlighten you on choosing the appropriate training gear for your child. In the process of doing so, I would talk about things to consider when buying potty chair for toddlers, then went ahead and analyze the top rated potty seat in market as at the time of writing this blog post.

​Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

Potty seats are generally meant for older kids (aged 3+), although some younger kids can commence their potty training with potty seat, generally younger kids (below age of three) would do well with a potty chair. And they can easily transition to a seat reducer as they grow older.

What seat reducers do is very simple, it basically reduced the size of the toilet opening so that kids can seat comfortably on the adult toilet without falling into it.

Most parents prefer to train their kids with seat reducers because it’s less messier as compared to potty chair, you don’t have to face the task of washing the potty every now and then, since the poo goes directly into the toilet and can be flushed out easily.

Top Rated Potty Seats 2017

S/NPotty NameSplash GuardToilet Compatibility 
1BabyBjornYesRound and Elongated Check Price
2Cozy GreenYesRound and Elongated Check Price
3Bemis FlipNoRound or Elongated Check Price
4Mommy’s HelperYesRound and Elongated Check Price
5Primo 4 in 1NoRound and Elongated Check Price

Portable Potty Seats

1. BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer:

This item has stand the test of time in that, it’s been around for a very long time.

A larger percentage of buyers have good things to say about it, and you know what they say about a product standing the test of time with good reviews; it must be a really good product.

It is featured in the review section because it is one of the few products that passed the safety test.

With an inbuilt adjustable knob, it sits perfectly on the toilet seat, whether round or elongated. This product also features a built-in splash guard the prevent the toilet from being messy after usage by the kids. It’s also extremely easy to clean.

This product would have been more perfect had it been it has a handle by it side for kids to hold on to, although it has a handle in the front that makes it easy to remove from the toilet seat after use.


It’s very rare to find a manufacturer that would offer a lifetime guarantee for their product.

This is to show that they’re sure of the quality of their product and would gladly refund or replace the item for customers if they’re not satisfied with the product.

To me, there is no harm in giving them a try, after all, I get my money back if am not satisfied. Other than the benefit of a life time guarantee, the product is well designed with the safety of kids in mind, it has an anti-slip clip that attaches it to the adult toilet. It’s also easy to clean and store when not in use.

The splash guard prevents urinal splash.

The item also comes with a free potty training ebook when you buy it from amazon.

As long as the item serve my purpose and I can still get to help other buy just buying from them; then why not?

3. PRIMO 4 in 1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer:

While conducting research for this particular post, I was interested in products that would satisfy the desire of both parents and the kids.

Parents don’t want to wash the potty all the time, in-short nobody wants to deal with the mess, kids on the other hands want style and comfortability.

This primo soft seat toilet trainer sits right in-between the two choices.

It is designed in such a way that if a method isn’t working as expected, you can switch to another method.

It's a two in one potty chair that can used a standalone potty chair, and as well as a potty seat on the adult toilet seat.

This product is more ideal for kids transitioning from the regular potty chair to the adult toilet.

Potty Seat With Ladder

4. Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up, 1 Count

This is currently the number one bestseller potty training seat on amazon. The reason for being the best isn’t far-fetched. From the elegant design, to quality of material, comfortability and ease of use, the name mommy helper isn’t a faux.

Ergonomically designed to support the kids weight. Kids won’t feel intimidated to use the bigger toilet because this potty seat would have converted it into something less intimidating that is suitable for their use.

It's more of a commode that fits over toilet​

Things We Like

  • It's one of the few properly designed potty training seat with ladder.
  • Very nice design and perfect color (white), such that it easily blends with the actual toilet seat.
  • Ease of use. It can be easily assembled and dismantled as the need arise. You don't even need any tool to separate it.
  • ​The seat is well cushioned, which makes it super comfortable for kids during usage.
  • ​It's foldable. Making it easy to move around as it does not consume much storage space.
  • ​The handle at the top of the ladder provides additional support for kids
  • The training seat fits perfectly for both standard and elongated toilet seat. So you've got little to worry about as regards if it would fit your toilet top or not.

Things We Don't Like

  • The step is made of plastic and there has been reports about it not being sturdy enough. This might result into kid's fall if proper care is not taken. However, this complain is from a few number of buyers.

5. KidsKit 3 in 1 Potty Training Seat For Boys and Girls

This item is pretty similar to the primo 4 in 1 potty training seat, the only difference being the design and the quality of materials used.

It basically has all the features of the primo potty seat, joined with a ladder. The ladder makes it more elegant than Primo. In comparison with the mommy’s helper reviewed earlier, this item is far better off, because it can be used separately as a potty chair, and also as a seat reducer.

Things We Like

  • Elegant design with stylish color.
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Sturdy grip of ladder to the floor, preventing fall.

Things We Don't Like

  • It's not very easy to detach the ladder and seat reducer from toilet seat. This might be a little bit laborious every now and then.

Best Flip-Up/Foldable Potty Seat.

What I love about this potty training seat is that, it’s built for both adult and kids. You don’t have to pass through the stress of fixing and removing the potty seat, as it is with other potty training seat listed in this article.

It’s designed simply as a toddler toilet seat attachment. All you have to do is fix the lid, and you’re good to go. Oh, and yeah, this is one of the few wooden potty seats you would find in the market.

Things We Like

  • It's simple design and blends perfectly with the toilet seat
  • No hassle as far as fixing and removing is concerned.
  • The small lid for children is made of plastic, which makes it more comfortable and durable.
  • It's easy to clean.

Things We Don't Like

  • It's not designed for younger kids (aged 3 and below).
  • It's a little bit pricey
  • It doesn't have a foot support.


This section is meant for parents interested in getting potty chair instead of potty seat. 

But before we move on to the item reviews, let’s cover the basics of what a potty chair is, the proper usage, things to consider before buying a potty chair, as well as safety precautions that should be put in place when potty training toddlers.

Potty chair is an essential part of potty training gear, alongside other potty training items, they’re crucial in training kids on how to use the potty for the rest of their life.

Although there are various speculations about which one is the best to use; potty training seats or potty chair, in as much as this post is not a comparison between the two, I would go ahead and state the fact, so that we can quickly focus on what this article is all about.

Potty chair is considered ideal for younger kids; aged three (3) and below. This is not to say some parents don’t use potty seat for kids within this age range, or that you cannot use a potty seat for younger kids. However, the ideal use of potty chair is for younger kids (toddlers).

The use of potty chair for training toddlers prevents occurrence of relapse and accidents during potty training, and it also makes it very easy for kids to transition from the use of potty to the adult toilet.

Since, we’ve cleared that out, I believe it’s appropriate for us to focus on what makes the a good potty chair; listed below are the things to consider before (or when) buying a potty chair.

Potty Chairs For Boys & Girls

I would like to quickly point out that some potty chair are ideal for boys while others are not.

Boys generally have issues as regards splash prevention when it comes to urinal potty training.

Getting a potty chair that would not prevent splash during usage, would not only make a mess of your toilet, it would give you an additional task of cleaning the potty and the floor for every usage.

#1. Space:

Maybe I am a space freak, but I personally don’t want a “throne” in my toilet. I want something that would not take up all the space in the toilet before serving it purpose. This is probably one of the reasing why space is coming up in this guide.

Ideally, parent should consider going for a potty that would not take up the entire space in their toilet. For my little cousin, when he was to begin the potty training, his potty chair was placed very close to the living room, because that’s where he spends most of his time, but as time goes on, the parent moved it gradually to the toilet where he concluded his potty training.

The point here is that, if the potty training chair had been a “mini throne” that takes up all the available space, then the strategic location for training wouldn’t be possible.

Even if you’re not interested in moving the potty to the living room or anywhere other than the toilet, it’s still reasonable to go for something minimal, something that can be easily put away when there is no need for it.

#2. Safety:

Agreed, I am biased, as this should have come first, but hey! It’s still on the list, so I guess I am justified. Safety is of great importance when it comes to potty chair and potty training in general. Don’t for any reason buy a chair that would tumble your child over when they sit on it for too long.

It’s been proven that accidents during potty training, especially during the early days might result into unwanted phobia and loss of interest for kids. They might just end up getting scared of the toilet in general, because they don’t want to fall down. I believe you don’t want that, I mean; what’s the essence of potty training to start with.

Stay away from potty chair made of cheap materials, without a strong base that can uphold the weight of your child. You should always endeavor to check the manufacturer’s information on the weight bearing capacity of the potty chair you’re about to purchase.

#3. Encouragement:

Getting a potty chair that encourages your kids to use the potty is an added advantage. Some potty chair comes with kids feature, and it’s been shown based on experience of various nursing mother, that kids love it when they can associate their potty period with something “fun”.

This encouragement features range from audio playback or reward message and song.

Get your kid a potty chair with this feature, and it is guaranteed that they would love to use the potty without you stressing the importance.

#4. Style and Design:

Who does like stylishly designed items?

Kids LOVE style! Once it’s a design they can resonate with, then they would be all over it. It becomes “their” property and as such using it won’t be an issue for them.

When buying a potty chair for your child, get a chair that is stylishly designed for kids. I like to call them "pretty potty".

Make it colorful and make sure it has various character or some other types of attractive design on it.

There are basic colored potty chair, they’re just what they are; basic color (mostly white), no design, no styling, just potty chair.

Although they serve their intended purpose, it should be noted that it takes extra effort on the part of the parent to get kids to like and use this type of potty frequently.

If you don’t like to stress yourself out with “Be nice, use your potty”, “Ok dear, now it’s potty time” “seat on it”, “not like that” “please” etc, then getting a stylish potty would save you from the stress, at least to some extent. (You really think you can potty train a child without saying all or some of those words?)

#5. Mobile:

If you’re super rich, and you don’t mind having two potty chair (one for regular home use, and another for travel purpose) then you can ignore this part. But wait! What’s the point in having two potty when one would do?

It’s advisable to get a potty that is mobile friendly. This would save you from the stress of thinking about how your child would use the potty when you travel.

There are various potty chair designed with the purpose of mobility in mind. All you have to do when you’re about to move is clean it up and pack it as appropriate.

This further support my first point; you don’t need a “throne” to get the job done. All you need is something good enough to make your kids want to use the potty.

#7. Transitioning:

There are reports that some kids after learning how to use the toilet through potty training would eventually find it difficult to transition from the potty chair to the regular adult toilet.

Since nobody has the time to start the training all over again, then it’s imperative to get a potty chair that would make the transition process very easy.

This tips comes in handy for older kids aged three (3) and beyond, that began their training with a potty chair.

Get a potty chair that looks exactly like the adult toilet. Some of these potty chairs are designed just like adult toilet, and can even be connected side by side with an adult toilet.

#8. Comfortable:

One of the most important thing that everybody should find when using the toilet is comfortability.

You just need to be as comfortable as possible in other to get the job done. In fact bowel movement is greatly influenced by comfortability.

This makes it important that you get a potty chair that you child would feel comfortable when using it.

Since kids tend to spend quite a reasonable amount of time in the toilet (who doesn’t?) especially when they’re just starting out their potty training, you would definitely want to get a potty chair with a soft smooth surface; some of these items are made with cushioned material, and they’re easy to clean after use.

Getting a potty chair with backrest is equally important.

Things To Consider In Choosing Potty Seats or Chair

There are various potty seats in the market, a larger percentage of which serves no good at all!

First, I’d like to point out that parent should stay away from cheap potty seat that can easily skid over, these bad potty seats are made of poor plastic materials that can barely withstand the kid’s weight.

They have poorly designed surface which hinders the comfortability of the kid during usage. Listed below are some factors to consider when buying a potty seat or chair.

#1. Safety:

Safety comes first. The main goal of potty training, and transitioning from potty chair to potty seat is to show kids how they can use the toilet all by themselves without any help from an adult. This purpose would be defeated if the kid is scared of using the toilet on their own. And it has been shown that frequent accident in the toilet can contributed to unwanted phobia for kids when using the toilet.

This explains why parent should go extra mile in ensuring that such accident is prevented. When buying a potty seat, ensure that they’re made of quality materials with a good clip that attaches it to the adult toilet.

You want to make sure the clip fits perfectly so that the potty seat does not move or shake during usage.

#2. Handle:

For additional safety, it’s best to opt for potty seat with handle on the side. Toddler can place their hands on the handle while using the toilet. This provides for additional reassurance that they won’t fall off from the toilet seat.

#3. Footrest/Ladder/Step:

Because most adult toilets are a bit high above the ground, there is every tendency that the kid’s feet would not touch the ground when they’re seated perfectly on the toilet with the potty seat attached. This can be very uncomfortable for them when their feet dangles in the air, especially as a trainer when they spend reasonable amount of time on the potty seat.

The solution to this is to get a potty seat with ladder (preferably) or one that comes with a separate footrest or step stool.

This would allow the kid to rest their feet on the stool or ladder when using the toilet and as such would feel very comfortable. Comfortability also affects the movement of the bowel positively.

#4. Splash Guard:

As mentioned earlier, most parents would opt for a potty seat when training their kids to use the toilet because it is less messier as compared to the use of potty chair. This purpose would equally be defeated if you buy a potty seat without a splash guard.

The splash guard becomes handy, most especially when the kids are still working on their targeting for urinal training. Ensure your potty seat has a splash guard that prevents the pee from messing up your toilet.

#5. Flip-Up Seats:

This is very valuable for a family with two or more kids. One of the cons of getting a potty seat over potty chair is that, you would have to remove the potty seat once the kid is done, so as to allow adults to use the toilet as well. This can become a very tiresome task if you have two or more young kids in the house.

The solution to this is by getting a flip-up potty seat. The flip-up potty seat is designed in such a way that you don’t have to detach the seat reducer every now and then. All you have to do is flip it up like the regular seat cover of an adult toilet when an adult wants to use the toilet, and when they are done, you can always bring them down, making it suitable for the kids again.

#6. Gender:

Some potty seats are more suitable for the male gender. Although the manufacturer would rarely specify if the product is for the male or female gender. You can always check out buyer’s review to deduce this by yourself.

#7. Compatibility:

Not all potty seat would fit perfectly with the adult toilet. Check to make sure that the potty seat you’re about to buy would fit well into either round or elongated toilet seat. This is another safety precaution, because if it does not fit well, then it’s bound to skid over during usage.

#8. Comfortability:

Comfortability is very essential when training the kids to use the toilet on their own. As an adult, I use the toilet as a thinking space every once in a while, this is because I have learn to feel comfortable in the toilet.

The more comfortable you are, the easier it is for your bowels to move and eventually pass out the waste product.

When choosing potty training seat, always go for the ones with smooth surface that would allow the user to sit comfortably with ease.

#9. Stability:

Most potty training seats are designed in such a way that, you can clip it to a part of the main toilet and the lid. If not properly clipped, the seat might just fall into the toilet, and I believe you don’t want that. This is why you should make sure they’re stable and properly fitted to the toilet.

Some potty training seat have ladder, which kids can use to climb up the toiler and also place their feet on when using the toilet. Make sure these things are well placed and stable on the ground. Since most of these items are made of plastic, please stay away from poor materials that can easily bend over when the weight pressure is high.

#10. Materials:

Stay away from cheap rubber materials, because they lack stability and can make your child trip over. Besides the possibility of tripping over, the durability of such material is questionable, as you might end up buying several potty training seat within a 12 month calendar year.

#11. Design:

The design of the potty seat is something that parents should take note of. Most especially if the kid is transitioning from the use of potty chair to potty seat. The new potty seat should have the same theme of design (color and shape) like the previous potty chair. This would encourage them to use the “bigger” toilet, rather than getting intimidated by it.

If the kid is starting out with potting seat, then it’s advisable to get a seat that blends with the actual color of your toilet.

#12. Toilet Height:

If your toilet seat is high, such that the kids feet would not touch the floor when he/she is comfortably seated (which is true in most cases), then you should get a potty training seat that comes with either a stool and a ladder attached to it. The stool would help kids in climbing up the toilet and also serve as a support for the feet when using the toilet.

Another added benefit of the stool is that, kids can use them as foot support when brushing their teeth into the basin. Potty training seat with ladders are a little bit pricey as compared to regular potty training seat, but when you factor in the price of potty training stool, then they would be within the same range.

#13. Portability:

Earlier I mentioned about two differences between seat reducer and potty chair. In a broader sense, the difference between them is more than just two, and one of the other differences is the issue of portability. Potty chairs are more portable than seat reducers.

However, there are some fairly portable potty seat that can be easily move around for travel purpose. If portability is a factor you consider very important, then you would do well by option for the smaller, easily packed portable potty training seat, as against the big ones.

#14. Ease Of Use:

You would definitely want to get a potty seat that can be easily clipped and un-clipped as usage demands. It must be easy to assemble and dismantle as required.

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