Potty HQ: Strictly For Parents With Toddlers.

Welcome to Potty HQ.

The idea behind Potty HQ is to put babies and their need in perspective. I am interested in discussion that parents would find useful for their kids within the potty training age.

I have compiled a number of valuable resources to guide users on how to potty train kids; either a boy or girl. The comprehensive guide would teach you all that you need to know about potty training.

Perhaps my favorite article on the  blog is my guide on choosing the best potty seat.

Although most people don’t know the difference between potty chair and potty seat, I covered all that in the guide, I analyzed the difference between the two items, and also some important factor to consider in buying the best potty chair in market.

I have also done my best to include individual reviews of various products. Potty HQ is a work in progress, and I am working to ensure that this site becomes the most resourceful website on the internet as far as potty and potty training is concerned.

Children security is of uttermost importance, and as such, we recently published an article about best baby gates for stairs. This article discuss in details how to systematically restrict you child’s movement when they begin to walk. We focused on the baby gates for stairs because children living in houses with upper section are more susceptible to stair accidents.

I am currently collaborating with parents (Most especially mothers) who have personal experience as regards potty training, the aim is to publish a robust post based on personal experiences of mothers on potty training.

Having said that, parents should understand that potty training isn’t a magical process it takes time, dedication and considerable amount of effort on both the teacher and kids part.

If you ever need to shop for diapers, then don’t do so without reading my ultimate guide on best baby diapers.

Since we’re already in the “diaper” zone, I figured it won’t hurt to talk about disposing diapers properly because disposing stinking diapers is a somewhat disgusting task, and the process can be made less disgusting with the use of diaper pails, here is my guide on buying the best diaper pail.

What about when you’re away from home? and you changed you baby’s diapers? you simple can’t throw them on the street or in a public bin, thats where diaper bag backpack comes handy. You should read my guide on buying the best diaper bag backpack.

In wrapping it up, I wrote a post about adult toilet need as well, choosing the most comfortable toilet seat is a bit of a task, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in this post on best toilet seat, you should definitely check it out if you intend getting a new toilet seat.

Sometimes, we go above and beyond, that’s when we write about best composting toilet for adult.